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Summer Semester 2021

General Information

Please note that a registration via LSF for all examinations is mandatory, both for written exams and seminars!

Further information on master plan exams can be found on the websites of the ISC.

All information on the individual courses can be found in LSF and is updated on a regular basis.

Bachelor Courses

Lecture: People and Organizations

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Prof. Dr. Ingo Weller, Dr. Marco Tonellato, Christina Hagl, Lena Göbel

Lecture and Tutorial: Organization and Innovation

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Dr. Rouven Kanitz, Daniela Datzer, Laura Deichl

Pflichtseminar: Leadership and Organization

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Dr. Max Reinwald, Corinna Bertling, Saskia Hasreiter

Seminar: Executive Leadership - Styles and Personalities

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Saskia Hasreiter, Laura Deichl

Seminar: The Management of Projects

Prof. Dr. Yvette Hofmann

Master Courses

Seminar: Selected Topics in Organizational Behavior

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Anastasia Grass, Anastasia Kieliszek, Corinna Bertling

Please note that this course follows the classical seminar format and thus consists of student group presentations and seminar theses. This semester’s specific topic is “Managing Diversity in the Context of Innovation”. Please follow the link to LSF to view the details.

Projektkurs: Leadership and Organization

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Dr. Max Reinwald, Daniela Datzer, Anastasia Grass

MBR Courses

Seminar: Basic Readings in Management

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl, Christina Hagl