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Letters of Recommendation


We only provide letters of recommendation for applications to specific addressees and no generalized assessments.

Prerequisite for this is the successful participation (excellent grades) in one of our interactive courses (Seminars or Project Course) or that you have written your Bachelor or Master Thesis at our Institute with outstanding results. The participation in one of our lectures is not sufficient!

Relevant Information

We will need following information from you in advance:

  • Statement of purpose: Where do you want to apply (incl. address of the organization) and why? For this purpose, why would you be a suitable candidate? Why do you want a letter of recommendation from our Institute in particular? In how far can we contribute to your application?
  • List of courses taken at our Institute incl. grades and names of the respective lecturers/thesis-advisor.
  • Current transcript incl. failed courses, if applicable your graduation certificate.
  • Current curriculum vitae, if applicable job references.
  • Recommendation standards: Different organizations request a variety of distinct formalities and formatting requirements for letters of recommendation. It is your responsibility to inform us about these and provide us with all relevant information. Please also note the relevant deadlines and inform us in a timely manner.


Please read the above listed prerequisites for obtaining a letter of recommendation from our Institute. If you meet all of them, please send all required documents and relevant information to the respective assistant or supervisor of your thesis. We will check your eligibility and subsequently contact you in order to discuss the next steps.

Please ensure sufficient time for this process, as the completion of the letter of recommendation may take a few weeks.