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Organizational Change

Change is an omnipresent element of organizational life and is relevant at strategic as well as at operational levels. Global market dynamics, mergers and acquisitions, shifting regulations, technological innovations, new forms of organizing, and demographic change are among the central factors that force organizations to adapt and implement change projects at a fast clip. Navigating such changes successfully is, therefore, a crucial leadership skill for managers in all kinds of organizations in the private as well as public sector. The study of organizational change is therefore one of the great themes in the social sciences.

Yet implementing change often remains complicated and high numbers of change projects fail to produce the intended results. One of the crucial success factors and greatest challenges at the same time is convincing employees and getting them along in the change process. As a research institute, we are particularly interested in the human side of organizational change.

Illustrative research interests:

  • (Collective) Emotions during organizational change
  • Leadership and communication during organizational change
  • Effective interventions to foster change readiness
  • Consequences of digital transformations on employees and job design
  • Implementation of new forms of collaboration (e.g., agile methods)
  • Evaluation and monitoring of change projects
  • The use of big data analytics to manage change projects
  • Collaboration on various change projects such as cultural change, implementation of sustainability strategies, or restructuring etc.


We are open to collaborate with industry and regularly evaluate change projects based on state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative research methods.

If you are interested in our research area “Human Side of Organizational Change“, please get in touch with us and contact Christina Hagl (; 089-2180-9544) or Dr. Rouven Kanitz (