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Our research focuses on key areas of leadership and organization in an innovation-driven economy, such as a better utilization of the knowledge, creativity, and, thus, the innovation capability of employees.

We follow a quantitative empirical research approach. Our objective is to offer significant scientific contributions, which find recognition in the review processes of leading international journals. At the same time, our aim is to offer companies new insights and practical tools to address key leadership and organizational challenges. This is why we have worked over the years with corporate partners in conducting research for mutual benefit of scientific advancement and companies’ practical benefit for their current pressing leadership and organizational issues.

Our Research Fields

Leading People: Leadership and Teamwork, Leveraging Diversity, Trust and Intercultural Collaboration, Multi-Teaming and New Forms of Collaboration, Stress and Coping, Resilience and Learning from Failure

Leading Innovation: Innovation Team Agility, Digital Innovation, Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing, Leading Innovation Projects, Innovation under Constraints, Sustainable Innovation, Collective Creativity

Leading Organizations: Organizational Agility and Strategy Execution, Change Management & Organizational Transformation, Inter-organizational Collaboration, Dispersed/Virtual Organizations, Organizational Change and Temporality

Our Research Areas

More information on specific projects can be found here.