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New Publication in Journal for OrganisationsEntwicklung


We are very pleased that the article „Digital transformieren – Wie digitale Innovationen neue Chancen und Risiken für das Change Management bringen“ by Rouven Kanitz and Saskia Hasreiter has appeared as first publication in the journal OrganisationsEntwicklung (number 1-2023), today.

Digital innovations are not only changing the world of work itself, but also increasingly the way in which organizations manage and navigate change processes. Although the development of digital innovations and their use during change processes in organizations proceeds rapidly, there is a lack of scientific insights and evidence-based recommendations. The article therefore takes a closer look at digital innovations that support the change process itself. We discuss how the use of various digital innovations can bring profitable opportunities but also new risks in relation to (a) inclusion, (b) individualization and (c) adaptability in change processes. We would like to stimulate relevant and necessary discussions, since the use of digital innovations has the potential to change the future of change management itself – and thus also the roles and options of stakeholders, such as managers and employees.

The article was created in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer, Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer, Bastian Brechtelsbauer and Dr. Katja Schönian (all FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) and as part of the joint research project “Transforming Digitally” ( 

You can find the article on this website: Please note that it is available in German only.

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