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New Publication in the Journal of International Management


We are happy to announce that the paper " Leaders' cultural gap bridging behaviors and subordinates' work engagement in multinational teams" by Andreas Hundschell, Dr. Julia Backmann, Dr. Amy Wei Tian and Prof. Dr. Martin Hoegl has been accepted for publication at the Journal of International Management.


The effect of leadership on individuals in multinational teams remains underexplored. Based on self-concept theory, our study investigates how subordinates' work engagement is influenced by their perception of leader cultural gap bridging (CGB) behaviors that seek to facilitate intercultural collaboration in multinational teams. We draw on a quantitative, two-wave, individual-level study with 280 employees working in multinational teams. Our results reveal that subordinates' perception of leaders' CGB behaviors enhance their work engagement through its effect on their team identification. The positive indirect effect is contingent on the level of relationship conflict in the multinational teams.