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New Publication in Journal of International Business Studies


We are happy to announce that the paper " Cultural Gap Bridging in Multinational Teams " by Julia Backmann, Rouven Kanitz, Amy Wei Tian, Patrick Hoffmann, and Martin Högl has been accepted for publication at Journal of International Business Studies.


Multinational teams are an organizational reality, but they present several challenges. Literature suggests that individuals with multicultural identities are more likely to show behaviors that aim at improving intercultural interactions in multinational teams, though scholars have yet to determine the precise nature of these behaviors. We address this research gap in a multimethod two-study design by identifying five team cultural gap bridging behaviors (CGB behaviors: facilitating, translating, integrating, mediating and empathetic comforting). In Study 1, we draw on one qualitative and two quantitative datasets to identify within team CGB behaviors and develop a measure of CGB behaviors. In Study 2, drawing from two-wave survey data, we investigate the indirect relationship between cultural identity plurality and CGB behaviors via cultural intelligence.