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Executive Development

In the area of executive development, participants with work experience are supported in strengthening their leadership skills. Our goal is to equip both current and future leaders with concrete leadership tools as well as to teach and provide them with impulses for self-reflection and awareness. After all, it is such self-awareness that leaders need to consequently align actions and values, and thus to be able to lead authentically.

Our executive development focuses on key areas of leadership and organization, including:

  • Organizational transformation to ensure strategy execution (incl. change management and leveraging an organization’s culture)
  • Creating high performance teams (incl. global virtual teams)
  • Managing performance in organizations
  • Motivation in organizations
  • Capturing the ingenuity of people to ensure innovation (incl. management of R&D personnel, resource-constrained innovation, creative cognition, and innovator resilience)
  • Developing values-based authentic leaders